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JNG Golf is a vision to empower golfers.
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Established in 1999, JNG Golf has been at the forefront of golf development in Malaysia for over a decade. The vision of two young Australian’s with a passion for the game and a desire to give golfers the opportunity to fulfill their potential and gain as much enjoyment from the game as they have over the years.

The last decade has seen a large expansion in the Club Fitting market in Malaysia from small independent companies to large retail organizations offering golfers a custom fitting service. So how has JNG managed to remain as the market leader in this field?

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Very often we turn down sales because we just don’t think what the client is asking for will benefit their game and we have a better solution.
James Nicholls (JNG Director)
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The success of JNG Golf is built around trust and integrity. When an existing or potential client walks into a JNG Clubfitting Studio our thought process is “what can we do to improve both the performance and enjoyment of your game?” which is the exact opposite of the retail outlet philosophy of “what can I sell you to maximize my profit?”

All clients are asked to come and give feedback on their purchases or modifications. If they are not entirely satisfied we keep working together until we achieve the desired results. It is this ethos and commitment to excellence that has helped to maintain JNG Golf’s position as the market leader.

The Professional Clubmakers Society of America (PCS) is the only independent certifying body for clubmaking, clubfitting and club repair. Established over 20 years ago a PCS certification indicates that the clubmaker has met the highest standards of academic proficiency, applied technology and excellence in craftsmanship in the areas of clubmaking, clubfitting and club repair. JNG Golf has held this accreditation since 1999.

Tom Wishon Golf Technology has been a market innovator in golf club making and pioneers of clubfitting for over 15 years. As well as being the Authorized Distributor for Tom Wishon Golf in Malaysia, JNG are Wishon Accredited Trainers, a title they are rightly proud to hold and one which sees them regularly travelling around Asia conducting Seminars and Training Programs for Professional Golfing bodies and independent companies alike working diligently to increase the awareness of the benefits of custom clubfitting and ensuring high standards are set and maintained.

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Last week they were making a putter for Ernie Els, this week they’re making a new driver for me…if it’s good enough for Ernie!!
Andrew Robinson (JNG customer)
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For the previous seven years JNG Golf has been the preferred club repair specialist for the Asian Tour. Travelling around with the Tour and being on hand to meet the requirements of the World’s best golfers has added a wealth of experience and expertise which they are able to pass on and offer a “Tour” standard service to all of their customers.
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JNG Golf have been at the forefront of the golf industry in Malaysia since 1999.
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We offer unrivaled golf coaching programs and custom fitting services for all standards of golfer.
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