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AimPoint Technologies enables you to know exactly where to aim when on the putting surface. Whether you're a professional golfer, caddie, junior, or amateur golfer, AimPoint Green Reading will transform your game by teaching you the one aspect of putting which is never taught--exactly where to aim.
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Mark Sweeney has pioneered a revolutionary green-reading method based on the highly accurate, Emmy Award-winning AimPoint Technology seen on the Golf Channel. Using the AimPoint Green-Reading method, you will never again have to guess at how much break to play for any putt within 20 feet of the hole. Learn that putting is predictable and discover the most effective and reliable ways to determine the direction and precise amount of break for any putt.
No question about it. It’s an area of golf that’s had almost no attention paid to it. You can have the greatest stroke in the world but if you can’t pick the right target you’re not going to make the putt.
Andrew Myles, JNG Golf Professional.
There’s a tremendous amount of technology and analysis going into the swing and none going into putting, absolutely none. This is all about putt prediction, putt preparation. It’s all about target and speed.
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This is an eye-opener for a lot of people. It takes the mystery out of putting. I think there’s no question this will just be another part of golf in a couple of years.
Mark Sweeney, Founder of AimPoint Technologies
It is currently being used by many PGA Tour players, LPGA, Top 100 Instructors, US Colleges & High Schools, and caddies.
Andrew Myles has been personally certified by Mark Sweeney to teach AimPoint Green Reading. For AimPoint Green Reading Clinics offered by Andrew Myles, please click on bookings.
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