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1. How to start golf?

There are many questions that new golfers have on how to start golf. Of course, it’s intimidating. Questions like what to wear, where to go, what to bring, what to buy, how much – for a round, for the driving range, for coaches, for equipment; whom to ask, will arise.

Fear not. This blog post will attempt to give you an overview of golf, and what you need to get started, without paying more than what you’d normally pay for a meal. Let’s talk about how to start golf.

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2. Newbie at Golf: My story of how I started golf

My name is Yune. I am a pediatric anesthetist working in government hospitals, where I put babies and kids to sleep for surgery. My other identity will be a newbie at golf. Here’s my story.
I started golf 3 years ago. It felt like it was time to indulge in a sport that can maintain health, cool down my always-on-the-go behavior and expand my non-medical social circle.

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3. Golf 101: Basics of Golfing You Should Know

For new golfers, getting to know the game of golf can be a bit intimidating sometimes. There are lots of unwritten rules and different things that you should and shouldn’t do while playing golf.

But getting started shouldn’t be that scary. There are a few basic rules with which you can get familiar with to understand golf more gradually. So we are going to talk about Golf 101: Basics of Golfing You Should Know.

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