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What is golf Club Fitting and how it can help you?
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The length and weight of a golf club along with the shaft flex, the loft on the club head and the size of the grip determines how a club performs in regards to distance, accuracy and feel.

By identifying your swing preferences, ball flight pattern and physical capabilities, these factors can be modified to ensure your golf club allows you to perform to the best of your abilities:
  • The length of a golf club will affect your ability to strike the ball from the club’s sweet spot (which is necessary for maximum distance and accuracy).
  • The weight of the golf club will determine the speed at which you are able to swing the club head through impact (the faster it swings the further the ball travels).
  • The flex of the shaft will affect the way the club feels and performs during the swing and if not correctly matched to the speed and style of your swing will lead to loss of distance and an inability to create the right trajectory.
  • The loft on the club head will determine if you are able to launch the ball at a sufficient angle to maximize the distance of the shot.
  • The size of the grip will determine how the hands and club face act throughout the golf swing (which in turn will determine direction of the shot).
The benefits of custom fitting are evident when using wood clubs and irons but is also of paramount importance with wedges and putters which when correctly fitted can have a huge impact on your ability to lower your score.
Is club fitting only helpful for really good golfers?

This is a misconception which often stops mid and high handicap golfers from fulfilling their potential. The likelihood is that a very low handicap or professional golfer would have the ability to hit almost any club, whereas those new to the game or of a lesser skill level need all the help available to play their best golf.

Whilst good swing fundamentals are always desirable, a set of custom fitted golf clubs with the correct length, loft and weight will help these golfers to reduce their handicap and vastly increase their enjoyment of the game.

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JNG Club fitting services

As market innovators in Malaysia JNG utilizes state of the art technology to create your perfect player profile and have the widest selection of club components to ensure a perfect match.

A fitting session should take in the region of ninety minutes to two hours and is conducted in a friendly and informal manner. Contact us directly and without obligation to arrange an appointment. If you are an existing golfer please bring your current golf clubs along for evaluation, if you are buying clubs for the first time then just bring yourself!
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