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As the most used club in your golf bag JNG understand that a correctly fitted putter is the easiest and most effective way to improve your score.
In our experience, most putts are missed before the golfer even makes the stroke.
Daniel Glenn, JNG Golf Professional
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The ability to consistently make putts of course requires a consistent and repeatable putting stroke. However without the ability to aim the putter face towards the intended target even the best stroke in the world will develop compensations and break down – to do this both the length and lie angle of the putter must be ascertained and this is where we come in.
Our fully equipped fitting facility uses laser measurements to ensure your eyes are set correctly over the ball to gain the ideal alignment perspective, and from this position the ideal length and lie angle of the putter can be determined.
Our professional club fitters then guide you through the many putter head design options to find the perfect model to suit your stroke and preference. Add the correct size of grip and your custom fitted putter is complete and you are on your way to lower scores.
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JNG Golf have been at the forefront of the golf industry in Malaysia since 1999.
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We offer unrivaled golf coaching programs and custom fitting services for all standards of golfer.
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