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As with your putter your scoring clubs (pw, sw, dw, lw) should be custom fitted to suit both your golf swing and the courses and conditions you play in to ensure lower scores.
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After evaluating your golf swing and deciding upon the correct shaft for you, your JNG club fitter will assess the other key factors in wedge fitting:
The length, lie and bounce angles of your wedges are perhaps the most important factor to consider and get right. The lie angle of the golf club affects the aim of the clubface (see true lies article) and if incorrect will hit the ball to either the left or right of the intended target. The length of the club has a major influence upon its lie angle so these two are measured together to produce the ideal combination for consistent, repetitive wedge shots.The bounce of the club determines how the clubs react to the sand or the grass upon impact.
At JNG we have a large selection of wedge component designs in a variety of loft and bounce angles. When choosing the loft of your wedges it is important to have incremental gaps between the lofts to ensure you can cover the variety of distances required to perfect the short game, for example you may choose the combination of 48*, 52*, 56* and 60* wedges or you may want a 50*, 54* and 58* wedge set up.
Talk to your club fitter about these requirements and work together to come up with the right combination of loft and bounce to help your game.
Again a correctly sized grip is vital for your success and when chosen and fitted your scoring clubs are ready to go.
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