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As golfers nearly all of us at some stage have seen our favorite player using their new X Hot Super Speed Launch Rocket driver and launching the ball off into the distance whereby we rush down to the nearest golf retailer to purchase the same club that will transform our game and give us the extra two hundred yards we have been looking for!! We then proceed to hit it no further or straighter than our last purchase and have to face the reality that we do not have the ability or swing speed of Tiger Woods and that in truth the driver that we saw Tiger using on T.V has been individually crafted and fitted for him and bears little resemblance to the club we have just purchased.
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The reality is that over ninety percent of golfers reading this page will be playing with a driver that is made to the wrong length(in most cases too long),the wrong loft (in most cases too little) and with the wrong shaft flex and weight. When combined these ingredients are a recipe for inconsistency and frustration.
During your JNG wood fitting we will assess your swing characteristics and physical limitations and with the help of a launch monitor to show your swing speed, angle of attack and launch angle be able to determine the ideal driver length and loft to maximize your distance. It is worth noting that our custom fitted woods also have a variety of face angles which can be used to help you to counteract your hook or slice.
Imagine you have a garden hose turned on full blast and you are trying to get as much distance as possible out of the water spray. Now suppose suppose someone turns the water pressure back by about a third. You can feel the drop in pressure in your hands and see the loss of distance in the spray. So, what do you do to try to get the distance back? Exactly! You raise the angle of the nozzle, and it’s the same concept with a driver.
A good analogy to explain this is given by Tom Wishon of TWGD
Our next task is to match your new driver head to the ideal shaft with the correct flex and weight to suit you and your golf swing. Generally stronger more athletic golfers with faster tempo swings will require a heavier club to help them control the consistency of their shots whilst the less physically strong and aggressive will require lighter clubs to help them perform to their maximum. The weight of the club will play a big part in the feel of the club and a professional JNG club fitter will use his experience along with your feedback to find this ideal weight.
Finally we determine the correct grip size to help with your control of the club face and allow you to choose the design and compound to meet your requirements.The result is a bespoke wood club that will perform consistently time and time again.
This process should take in the region of one hour to ninety minutes to complete. If you wish to come for a fitting please bring your existing driver where possible.
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