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Golf is an ideal medium to enhance your corporate identity and productivity.
JNG's Integration Program is an initiative designed to meet the requirements of our Corporate Partners and work with them to enhance their corporate image, increase their productivity and in turn their profitability through the game of golf
Our aim is to help our partners to:-
  • Maintain and nurture existing customer relationships.
  • Forge new customer relationships with mutual long term benefits.
  • Continue to grow and develop their corporate branding and identity.
  • Create a sense of company loyalty leading to staff retention.
  • Increase productivity and performance of staff.
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Retaining the services of a JNG Golf Professional on a quarterly, six monthly or annual basis for two hours per week at either of our five star venues allows companies the freedom and flexibility to integrate all of our corporate programs to match their immediate requirements.
  • Bring new and existing clients to the golf range or golf course and forge relationships with a JNG Golf Professional on hand to coach and assist you with your golf game.
  • Send senior staff for coaching and training and give them the skills and confidence they require to network and entertain on the golf course.
  • Allow senior and junior staff to learn golf together in an environment conducive to interaction and mentoring.
  • Reward high performers and incentivize staff with a series of structured golf lessons and practice sessions.
  • Increase staff loyalty by hosting a series of group golf lessons as a corporate benefit.
  • Bring the company together with a team building session of coaching and activities.
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who we are
JNG Golf have been at the forefront of the golf industry in Malaysia since 1999.
contact us
Telephone: (603) 7880-6164
Fax: (603) 7981-7414
what we do
We offer unrivaled golf coaching programs and custom fitting services for all standards of golfer.
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