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Learn more about your golf equipment and the benefits that custom fitting can bring to your game by purchasing Tom Wishon’s award winning books.
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The Search for the Perfect Golf Club

Voted the 2006 book of the year the International Network of Golf, this book highlights the pitfalls in purchasing off the rack OEM clubs and helps the reader to understand that the elusive ‘perfect club’ will only be found through custom fitting.
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The Search for the Perfect Driver

Tom Wishon’s follow up book also collected the International Golf Network book of the year award, this time for 2007. Focusing on the most high profile club in the set, the driver Tom shows us what to avoid when purchasing a driver and what elements we should focus on to really improve our distance and accuracy off of the tee.
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The Right Sticks

This fascinating read uncovers many of the myths currently surrounding golf equipment and gives the reader an insight into why their current clubs may not be performing as required and offers practical solutions to help you in your search for your ideal clubs.
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Common Sense Clubfitting

For those with a more serious interest in club fitting or wishing to gain a more in-depth understanding of golf club components then this book is the ideal read. Covering all aspects of club fitting from driver through to putter in an easy to read and understand format.
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