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How to golf club manufacturers keep designing iron clubs that hit the ball further than before? The truth is – they don’t!!

The amount of loft on the golf club is the key factor as to why clubs travel the distances they do, and little by little club manufacturers have been taking loft away from their iron clubs to give the impression of increased distance. ‘So what’s the problem?” you might ask. If it was not for a little thing called the 24/38 rule there would be no problem. This rule says that the average golfer cannot hit an iron club that has less than 24 degrees of loft or more than 38 inches of length as such clubs require a swing precision unattainable by the average golfer.

Ten or even five years ago this rule was no issue as the 24/38 rule related only to number one and two irons, meaning the 3 –SW purchased would be playable for the average golfer. Nowadays with this vanishing loft epidemic the 24/38 rule has moved just shy of the five iron – making the three and four iron purchased in the set unhittable for most golfers.
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This has led to the creation of Hybrid clubs, a replacement for these impossible to hit long irons. Available in a variety of designs and lofts these clubs offer the shot characteristics of a long iron with the ease of use and playability of a fairway wood.

Custom fitting with JNG Golf allows us to choose where to start your iron set. There is no need to purchase a three, four or even five iron if they do not suit your swing characteristics. We will fit you into a suitable number of hybrid clubs to meet your distance requirements and only add the irons necessary to help lower your scores.