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Junior Clubs
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I always made sure Tiger had clubs that fitted him.
Earl Woods (father of Tiger Woods)
Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that your child will go on to emulate the feats of Tiger Woods but why not give them every chance?

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Our Tom Wishon Future Pro range of golf clubs are designed specifically for younger players (6 to 12 years) with correct weight fittings and increased lofts helping your child to experience shot making success from an early age.

Children in their teens will be looking to experience a slightly more conventional golf club in terms of weight and loft to help their development into the adult game whilst at the same time allowing them to keep fluidity and balance in their swing.

The Tom Wishon 730CL irons and woods are perfect for this transition. Designed for swing speeds between 45mph – 75mph these classic designed game improvement clubs will give your child the increase in distance they require to take their game to the next level.

All of our golf clubs will be custom fitted to match the height and strength of your child at a parent friendly price. All of our clubs can be modified to suit the changes in your child’s growth rate and swing technique.