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Golf shafts play a vital role in the fitting process and if correctly chosen can greatly improve the performance of your golf clubs.

Of primary importance is finding the correct shaft flex to suit your swing style and speed.

The flex of the shaft refers to the ability of the golf shaft to bend as forces are applied to it during the golf swing. Different swings require different shaft flex to maximize performance.

All shaft manufacturers label the amount their shafts flex into five categories which should make the shaft selection process for golfers a simple task. These categories are:


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There is however one problem for golfers to overcome during this process, that there is no industry standard to define these flex categories so one manufacturer’s regular flex could equate to another’s stiff flex!!

The accurate way to measure the performance of a shaft is by measuring its stiffness (cycles per minute) with a frequency machine and through numerical tables matching these results to your swing and choosing a suitable shaft.

At JNG Golf we apply this process to all fittings to take the guesswork out of shaft fitting and find your ideal match from our extensive product range. Please click on the icons here to view: