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Training Aids
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Help to groove a great tempo and a repeatable, effective stroke with the Zen i-putt training aid. Taking the principles from their acclaimed Zen Oracle putter, this portable and easy to use aid gives immediate feedback and great results.
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Widely used by tour professionals and amateurs alike, this simple training aid helps golfers to work on club face control, swing path as well as release and tempo. Portable and easy to attach and remove the Swingyde turns thoughts into feelings.
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Used for both swing training and a warm up and exercise aid this versatile product teaches the ideal release and transition and sequence during the golf swing. Its weighted feel is ideal for stretching and developing the all-golfing muscles.
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Giving golfers a better understanding of weight distribution and transference during the golf swing promoting better balance and resulting in a more powerful and consistent golf swing and putting stroke.
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For those who want the benefits of practicing at home the Huxley Rotanet is the perfect choice. Is patent design unfolds to give you a fully functional practice facility in just three minutes.
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Work on your putting stroke in the comfort of your home or office with this indoor practice putting mat. Available in lengths from six to twelve feet and easy to store it’s something all golfers should have.
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