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Golf clubs like anything else well used experience wear and tear and require maintenance and attention if they are to continue to perform well. JNG offers a full range of club repair and alteration services at all of our club fitting and repair centers.
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  • Regripping
    Golf grips should be changed one or two times per year (dependent upon the amount of usage) to maintain their traction and feel in your hands.
  • Reshafting
    Golf shafts weaken over time and may even break, requiring new shafts to be fitted as replacements.
  • Loft and Lie Checks
    Loft and lie angles of clubs will change when used for a period of time and should be checked regularly and bent back to their original specifications to ensure your clubs respond as expected.
  • Length Adjustments
    Change the length of your golf clubs to suit your requirements and improve your ball striking.Done quickly and efficiently we can even save your existing grip if you require.
  • Shaft Spine Aligning
    This is for improved consistency. For those of you who are more serious about your club’s performance we offer a spine alignment service which places the spine of the club shaft (the thickest and stiffest area) in a neutral position relative to the orientation of the club head to produce more consistent results and performance with each club. For more detail, click here.
  • MOI Matching
    Now every club can feel like your favorite one! Each golf club through their length and weight characteristics requires a different amount of force to swing the club around our body. As a result of this it can prove difficult to engrain a consistent swing and feel with each club. MOI (or Moment of Inertia) matching makes it possible for all clubs to require the same amount of force making it easier to groove a repeatable swing and gain better results. For more detail, click here.
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