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MOI Matching
Having all of your golf clubs feel the same when they are being swung is a great asset for a golfer in terms of building a consistent and repeatable golf swing. Until recently the most common and effective way to do this was via swing weighting, whereby the center of mass can be adjusted in each golf club to give the club the feel with regards to its weight when being swung. This method is still popular and can greatly help golfers.
More recently however, golf club experts are using a process called MOI Matching to produce even better results for the golfer. Although swing weight matching gives all clubs the same weight when swung each club still requires a different amount of effort to produce the best results. MOI (Moment Of Inertia) matching makes it possible for the golfer to apply the same amount of force on each club and generate the same result.
In short, MOI Matching can make every club feel and perform as well as your favorite club and in doing so produce outstanding results for your game.
This service is available when purchasing a new custom built set of golf clubs as well as on your existing clubs. For more information or to reserve an appointment please click here.
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