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Shaft Spine Aligning
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Financial constraints for golf shaft manufacturers mean that to produce golf shafts that have the same amount of stiffness in all directions of bending. In certain cases these inconsistencies around the circumference of the shaft can lead to the golfer experiencing problems with their ball flight in terms of both distance and direction.
Spinning utilizes state of the art technology to locate the most consistent bending point of the shaft and locating it either directly towards or away from the target to ensure the most repetitive and efficient ball flight results with all clubs.
Some shaft manufactures already use this process during manufacturing and then apply their logo in the ideal position for the club fitter to install. Check with a JNG club fitter as to whether your shafts fall into this category and if not you may want to allow us to spine and reinstall your shafts in the correct orientation. For more information and to reserve an appointment click here.
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